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The single biggest thing that is putting your business at risk of liability is failing to train supervisors and employees on:

  1. What defines unlawful behavior;
  2. How to spot unlawful behavior; and 
  3. What can be done about it, both as a victim or as a bystander.

It's time to change how we typically handle workplace harassment training. Out with the old and boring trainings that nobody is eager to attend.  It's an employer's duty to be PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE.  Protect your workplace by training to not only better deal with unlawful behavior but to eliminate it altogether.  

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with Workplace Training that Works while Reducing the Risk of Liability for Unlawful Behavior

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Zoteria offers online workplace training that blends video and quiz modules with guided in class training relevant to your specific Company for supervisors and a separate training for employees.  Unlawful behavior is NOT a training problem, it's a workplace environment problem,

Training for Supervisors

Training your supervisors BEFORE all of your employees is critical!  Who constitutes a supervisor?  A supervisor is any Business Owner and other employees who supervise one or more individuals.  A supervisor's actions (or inactions) can put the company on the hook for liability.  Failing to train supervisors is risky business. 

Training for Employees

Managing your employer obligations can be challenging.  How can an employer keep up?  We've made it convenient for you and your employees to engage in online training to protect your workplace environment.  There is not room for misunderstanding of what the Company expects from employees and the ramifications for unlawful behavior.  

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